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What do customers think of our smartwatches

The Fitgreat Venus Pro is a stylish smartwatch that motivates me to exercise enough and to live healthy. The included silicone strap is easy to clean. With the breathing exercises on the Fitgreat I easily bring my stress level back down.

Astrid Doorn

Small, small and convenient to use. You can barely feel it and it keeps track of everything accurately. Definitely recommended.

Sanne van Avendonk

The Fitgreat smartwatch triggers me to move more.

Hans van Zundert

The Fitgreat Luxe works simply and is comfortable. In addition to sports performance, you can also track your daily movement/rest/sleep/heart rate. Highly recommended.

Laura Ouwenkerk

The Fitgreat sky is a super fine watch with a neat appearance. I don't feel like I'm wearing a sports watch, more like a nice bracelet. And that was what I was looking for. In addition, the information you receive is very useful to gain insight into your daily movements, calorie consumption and sleep rhythm.

Michael C.

I had high expectations of this smartwatch, Straight out of the box the feel of the watch felt premium and solid. I would recommend this watch

Sepp Muller

I love my Fitgreat watch.
Saved my life and detected heart attack! Doctors could look back exactly when a heart attack had occurred and when arrhythmia started.

Cheyenne Cools

Beautiful design, comfortable and very useful for sports. Fitgreat is definitely an enrichment for your life!

Jeroen Stengers

Great! Completely expected. And super fast delivery despite busy Christmas.


Marcel de Waele

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